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Saturday, April 9, 2016


Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is an active volcano located in four districts : Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang. This mountain is one of the famous tourist spots in eastern Java, even in Indonesia. This mountain has an altitude of 2,329 meters above sea level and is the place that never deserted by visitors.

Bromo Crater

        Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). To see the crater, you can climb the stairs of iron that has been provided. When you reach the top, you will smell the sulfur sting. Which is a favorite of this mountain is the phenomenon of sunrise and sunset are beautiful. When the weather is nice, you can see Mount Semeru from a distance. When you are in the area of Mount Bromo, you should use a thick jacket because the temperature is cold here (2º-20º Celcius), especially during morning and evening.

        For the people around Bromo, Mount Bromo is a sacred mountain. Each year, the residents held a ceremony (called the Kasada Ceremony). The ceremony was held in the temple at the foot of Mount Bromo and continued to the summit of Mount Bromo. This ceremony is a form of offerings to the gods, by giving offerings such as vegetables, chicken and the money will be thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo. The ceremony was held at midnight to early morning every full moon around 14 or 15 in the tenth month according to the Javanese calendar.

Kasada Ceremony

Sea of Sand

        When you enter the bromo area, you will be greeted by a vast expanse of sand. You can also see the beauty of the hills savanna, called the Teletubbies Hill because savanna hills is very beautiful, like in the TV series Teletubbies. You can also enjoy the beauty of this mountain on horseback, the horses are rented by locals. Besides, you also can walk along the sea of sand with a rented jeep. Four-wheel drive car can be found at the entrance of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

The Teletubbies Hill

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Friday, March 4, 2016


If U.S.A has the Grand Canyon, then Indonesia has the Green Canyon. Actually Green Canyon named Cukang Taneuh, the name Green Canyon popularized by the French in 1993. Cukang Taneuh is the designation of the Sundanese (one of the ethnic groups in West Java, Indonesia) meaning "land bridge", because over the valley and ravine Grand Canyon there is a bridge of land used by farmers around to get their gardens.

Green Canyon

        Cukang Taneuh or Green Canyon is one of the attractions in West Java which is located in the village Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Ciamis District ± 31 km from Pangandaran. Green Canyon is formed from soil erosion due to the flow of Cijulang River over millions of years through the cave with stalactites and stalagmites charming, and flanked by two hills with rocks and trees presents unique natural phenomena and challenging.

The Hill

        To enjoy the beauty of the Green Canyon, you have to travel for 30 to 45 minutes by using modern wooden boat which is often called the "Ketinting" which can contain a maximum of 5 people. En route to the Green Canyon, you'll be treated to a view of the trees on the banks of the river and the beauty of the waterfall that fell from the side of a cliff. If you are lucky, you will encounter wild animals are around the river.

Wooden Boat (Ketinting)

        Once seen rafting with a narrow groove that is difficult to pass by boat, then you've arrived at the mouth of Green Canyon that has very clear water bluish. Here, you can do a Body Rafting, swimming, trekking, and jump off the cliff with a height of up to 9 meters into the crystal clear water of the Green Canyon. As for you who like quiet, you can use a canoe while fishing. With all the beauty that's owned, Green Canyon is an incredible place to visit.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Bunaken is the area of 8.08 km² island in the Bay of Manado, located in the northern island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. This island is part of the city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi province, Indonesia. Around the island, Bunaken marine park there which is part of the Bunaken National Park along Siladen Island, Mantehage Island and Naen Island.

Bunaken Sea Park

        Bunaken marine park is one of the marine park has the highest marine biodiversity in the world and the underwater beauty was a favorite dive spots in the world, besides Raja Ampat in Papua. The coral reefs of Bunaken is a place to live for 2,000 species of fish and other marine life. Fish species which are common here is wrasse, dansel, trigger, sweetlip, unicorn, and many more.

Bunaken Sea Park

        Bunaken marine park has 20 dive spots with varying depths up to 1344 meters. Of which there are 12 diving spots around Bunaken Island and is a dive spot that's often visited by divers and lovers of the underwater beauty, in this area that there is a vertical wall that is curved upward. The rock walls are also a source of food for fish in the waters around Bunaken Island.

        If you don't bring their own diving equipment, you can rent diving equipment rental at several places to enjoy the underwater beauty of Bunaken. If you have never been or have not been accustomed to diving, you can use the services of a guide who will teach the techniques of diving.

Bunaken Beach

        Besides diving, you can also enjoy the beauty of the beach with a walk around the beach or wading through a sea of Bunaken with catamaran or renting Vessel Ship Blue Banter. On the island of Bunaken also have the hotel and resort to the needs of accommodation for tourists.


        If you are from outside the island of Sulawesi, you can take the path of the air. Manado has Sam Ratulangi International airport that connects major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Balikpapan, Makassar. Serves flights from and to foreign countries such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Manila.


        From the airport, you can go to Manado with Taxi hire. From Manado City, you can head to the island of Bunaken through Bersehati Market or from Marina to rent a boat that takes only about 30 minutes.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Blue Fire

Ijen Crater is a crater that's located on a top Ijen Mountain. Ijen Mountain is an active volcano located on the border between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Ijen is part of a nature reserve Ijen tour, this mountain has an altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level and is located adjacent to the Merapi Mount.

Ijen Crater

        Ijen Crater is a crater lake has a depth of 200 meters and wide crater reached 5,466 hectares. The lake is acidic and an a largest acidic lakes in the world. The acid content (pH) in the crater lake is approaching zero with temperatures reaching 200 degrees Celsius, which means the water is enough to melt the crater of the human body in a short time. However, provided you are within a safe distance, the crater lake is pretty safe, but because it has a very high sulfur content, then you should wear a mask for the comfort of your breathing.

        From the top of Mount Ijen, you can see the view of the bluish-green crater that reflect sunlight. Yellow sulfur rock wall and a stretch of trees adds to the beautiful scenery in this mountain top. However, You should wear thick clothes and warm as the temperature is very cold at the peak of the mountain, about 10-2 degrees Celsius.

        Besides the beautiful scenery, you can also see the amazing phenomenon of Blue Fire. The Blue Fire appeared in the center of mining sulfur and can only be seen in the early morning, at around 2-4 am. In this world, there are only two places that have a Blue Fire, which in Iceland and the Crater of Ijen Indonesia.

Blue Fire

        The researchers say the Blue Fire is not fire or lava emerging from the earth, but the burning of sulfur gases in contact with air at temperatures above 360 degrees Celsius. This cause, this phenomenon is only visible when the night / before sunrise to arrive. After sunrise, the source of this Blue Fire turns yellow or orange-called sulfur, dried sulfur is then a matter of local residents mines.

Sulfur Miners

        Mining process here is very simple and not using the machine, the miners will go down closer to the crater and broke the bars sulfur dries with simple equipment. Sulfur fraction is then transported using a basket bear. Heavy burden borne sulfur reaches 80-100 kg should they bring with walk 3 km to the collection points sulfur passes rise and fall. Therefore, for security reasons, each miner can only carry a maximum of 2 times a day sulfur.

Sulfur Miners

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Friday, January 8, 2016


Komodo Dragon

Komodo Island is the original habitat of the world's largest lizard, the Komodo dragon. There are more than 2,000 Komodo free living on this island. Komodo is a predatory animal shaped like a giant lizard's body size with a length of about 2-3 meters and weight up to 100 kg more, these animals occupy the top position in the food chain.

Komodo Dragon

        Komodo can run at a speed of 20 km / h in a short distance, able to swim and dive as deep as 4.5 meters and can climb trees. These animals are able to see as far as 300 meters and can detect the presence of food such as meat and carcasses within a radius of 4-9 kilometers.

        Komodo Island is located in Nusa Tenggara Islands that include the Komodo National Park which is managed by the central government. Komodo Island is located east of Sumbawa Island, separated by the Sape Strait. Komodo Island is the westernmost tip of East Nusa Tenggara province, bordering the province of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.


        Komodo National Park is a cluster of three main islands that make up a single unit along with 175 other small island (approximately 90% unpopulated) with an area of the national park area reached 1,817 square km. The third of the island is the Komodo island, Rinca island, and Padar island.

        Komodo Island is not only contains Komodo, there are many other animals that inhabit this island such as horses, deer, various species of birds, snakes, monitor lizards and many more. One way to enjoy the island and see the animals is tracking.


        When tracking, you will be invited to climb Mount Ara which has a height of 538 meters above sea level. You will also pass the Water Hole is a place to drink and rest Komodo. You can see the komodo dragons were drinking or shelter under a tree in the vicinity.

        There are four track to choose, short, medium, long and adventure. The track length is 1-8 km depending on the type you choose. If you choose a long and adventure, you will be invited through the forest, rivers and beautiful hills. As for short, the trip will end up on a hill with amazing views of the bay. However, all four tracks will pass through Water Hole so you do not need to be confused to choose the track.


        During the tracking, you and the group will be accompanied by a Ranger. Ranger will equip you with a stick which has two branch ends, The sticks are made of wood and can be a weapon to weaken the komodo dragons. If the komodo attack or pursuit of a sudden, forked end of the shaft which is used to suppress the neck dragons, in a short period komodo will weaken and stop attacking.

Ranger Komodo

        Komodo Island is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, because of the existence of Komodo dragons can only be found in this place along with the Rinca island, Padar island and Gili Mota.

        In 2011 the island of Komodo also won the award for the New Seven Wonders of Nature which is a tribute to the seven best natural attractions in the world, determination of winners is obtained from the results of voting and research experts. Komodo Island won the highest vote along with six other tourist attractions, that is Iguazu waterfall, Amazon forest, Puerto Princesa underground river, Jeju island and Table Mountain.


  • If you use the air line, you can use a plane departing from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo. Arriving in Labuan Bajo, you can use the Ferry ship to the island of Komodo.
  • You can also depart from Tanjung Benoa, Bali to Labuan Bajo. After that you can use the Ferry ship to go Komodo Island. You can also use the bus departing from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo with Ferry ship, after which you will cross to Komodo Island using Ferry ship again.
  • You can also choose Live on Board. If you choose Live on Board, you will stay on top of Ships For several days to get to Komodo National Park. During the trip, you can dive with the group and guides. Facilities provided quite complete, bedrooms, dining and toilet. The price charged ranged between 175-10000 USD per night depending on how the package you choose as well as existing facilities. Ships depart from Bima, Bali, Lombok and Labuan Bajo.


  • The majority of tourists choose to stay at a hotel located in Labuan Bajo ( See also : Favorite Hotels in Komodo island )
  • You can also use chartered ships to stay apart to get around. Most ships have been equipped with a bed, toilet and meal package. And facility rental fees depend on the size of the vessel you hire.
  • You can stay at home Ranger Komodo Island. This house-shaped House on stilts with a limited power supply, usually electricity will be turned off at 10 pm.


  • Komodo dragons are beasts, the dragon bites able to kill their prey, because the Komodo dragon saliva contains virulent bacteria Pasteurella multocida. Bacteria from saliva is what can kill. Therefore, you should always be within reach and follow the Ranger when tracking, because the ranger is able to control and understand the properties of Komodo and Komodo also according to the ranger.
  • When tracking, don't make noise and sudden movement because Komodo dragons are very sensitive to movement and sound.
  • If you are a woman who menstruation, You must report to the Ranger, so the Ranger can give more attention to your. This is done because the Komodo dragon can smell meat, carcasses and blood well up to a radius of 4-9 km.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Shadow Puppet

Wayang kulit ( Shadow Puppet ) is a traditional Indonesian art are mainly developed in Java, Indonesia. Shadow Puppet played by a Dalang ( puppeteer ) who is also the narrator's dialogue puppet characters, accompanied by gamelan music played by a group of nayaga and songs by Sinden (the singer).

Dalang (puppeteer)

Sinden (singer)

Played Gamelan

        Puppeteer play shadow puppets behind the screen, the screen is made of white cloth, while behind him flashed lights, so that the spectators who were on the other side of the screen can see the shadow puppet who fall into the screen. In order to understand the story of puppets, the audience must have knowledge of puppet characters. A popular story is played puppeteer Mahabharat and Ramayan. Puppeteer also can improvise by mixing things are trends and political elements in the style of their own.

        UNESCO designated wayang kulit, a shadow puppet theatre and the best known of the Indonesian wayang, as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on 7 November 2003. In return for the acknowledgment, UNESCO required Indonesians to preserve their heritage.

        Shadow puppets made from buffalo or cow leather that has been processed into leather sheet, the skin should be dried first. A puppet requires approximately the size of 50 x 30 cm leather sheet which is then sculpted with sharp pointed metal made of steel are of good quality. The steel is made in advance in a variety of shapes and sizes, there is sharp, flat, small, large and other forms, each of which has a different function.

Making Shadow Puppets

        Furthermore, the installation of body parts such as hands. There are two connections on hands, upper arms and elbows, how to connect it with a small screw made of buffalo or cow horn. Furthermore, stalk whose function is to move the sleeves are also made blackish color derived from buffalo horn or wood materials. And gold colors generally using prada namely gold color paper affixed or it could be painted with powder melted. Puppet who uses prada, the results are much better, the color can last longer.

        Dalang (puppeteer) is the most important part in a puppet show, because without a puppeteer, puppet show could not happen. In addition to master the technique of puppet, a puppeteer must be knowledgeable and able to give effect.


Indonesian Puppet is the original art of Indonesian culture. If there are other countries that claim the puppet is their country, it's a big lie.
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


The islands of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is the name of a district in the province of West Papua, precisely at the 'head of the bird' (Vogelkoop) Papua Island. This region is an archipelago comprising 1,846 islands. Of the islands there are 4 largest island, namely the Waigeo island , Misool Island, salawati island and Batanta island. Raja Ampat region is divided into two, north and south. In the north there is the largest island, namely the Waigeo island, on the island is the capital of the District, City Waisai located. Meanwhile, in the southern region is home Misool Island, salawati and Batanta Island located.

Location Raja Ampat

        Raja Ampat majority community work as fishermen, they live in small villages are located far apart and different islands. Communities here are very friendly and happy to receive guests from outside, especially if you are carrying betel nuts and candy as souvenirs. Because they consider the nut and candy as a sign of peace.

        Raja Ampat Islands is a huge potential to be used as a tourist attraction, especially diving. Raja Ampat is a favorite dive site in Indonesia. Raja Ampat Islands waters according to various sources, is one of the 10 best waters for diving sites around the world. In fact, it may also be recognized as number 1 for completeness underwater flora and fauna at the moment.

Raja Ampat Underwater Scenery

        Various research conducted by the scientists say the waters of Raja Ampat there are more than 540 species of hard corals (75% of total species in the world), more than 1,000 species of reef fish, and 700 species of molluscs, this makes 75% of the world's coral species are in Raja Ampat. None of the places in the same area has a number of coral species as much as this. You can find unique species when you dive, some kind of dwarf sea horse, wobbegong, and Manta Stingray. Also there are endemic fish Raja Ampat, namely Eviota king, a kind of gobbie fish.

Raja Ampat Underwater Scenery

        When you are in Manta point which is located at Dampier strait Arborek, you can dive in the company of some tail Manta Rays are benign. If the dive at Cape Kri or Chicken Reef, you will be surrounded by thousands of fish, sometimes a collection of Tuna, Giant Trevallies and Snappers. Reef sharks are also frequently seen, and if you are lucky you can also see turtles were silent eating sponge or swim around you. In some places, such as Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo also seen dugong or sea cow.

        Because the area of many islands and narrow straits, then most of the dive at any given time has a strong current. It is also possible to do a drift dive, dive following the strong currents with very clear water while breaking through a collection of fish.

        While enjoying the natural attractions on the islands of Raja Ampat, you can choose to stay at a resort (Also Read: 8 Favourite Hotels in Raja Ampat) or live in a ship Pinisi modified and can accommodate about 14 people.

Pinisi Ship in Raja Ampat

        In addition, there are other exciting attractions that you can find, which is a Cendrawasih bird watching paradise dancing. These birds just dancing in the morning, and very sensitive to smells. So, if you want to see it, avoid using perfume. Cendrawasih bird watching these attractions can be found in the village of Sawingrai, on the island of Gam and Saporken. You have to leave early in the morning, because the distance from Waisai to Sawingrai about one hour. If late, this bird had stopped dancing.

Cendrawasih Bird

        If you are using Flight from Jakarta to Sorong, the majority had to transit in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Only Garuda Indonesia, which has direct flights from Jakarta to Sorong with a long flight 4 hours 10 minutes. If you want to save money, you can use a ship from Jakarta to Sorong. However, although less expensive, this method takes longer because you will stop first in several major cities. The time required when using the boat approximately 1 week trip.

        Arriving in Sorong, you can travel from Sorong to Waisai using carrier Susi Air. The plane departs every Monday and Friday at 08.30 AM. Temporarily to the opposite route, departing at 11.00 AM. In addition, access to the most popular leading to Raja Ampat is through the Port Sailing People and Mina efforts port, both in Sorong. From there, every day there are ships leaving for Waisai.

        From Sorong, can also directly to the Misool island, there is a general passenger ship that departs every Wednesday. As for the route Misool-Sorong, boats depart every Saturday.

        The best time to enjoy sightseeing in Raja Ampat is a month from October to April, because the surf is not too big. May to mid-June and the last two weeks in September also waves can still be tolerated.

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