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About is a website that contains information about tourist, cultural, culinary, and any other interesting information about Indonesia. all the information we provide is derived from various websites reliable, online media and offline media other reliable we present a clear and complete according to the writing and presentation of our ordinances.
        We hope the information we provide will be useful for those who are looking for information about travel, culture, and culinary Indonesia. Moreover, we hope that the information we provide to make tourist, cultural, and culinary Indonesia is increasingly recognized in the world and make foreign tourists get travel information, cultural, and culinary Indonesia are clear and complete.
        We apologize profusely if there is a word, writing, and information that wrong. The author's own use google translate. So, sorry if you are a little confused reading us, because our English language skills are still a little. :-D :-D :-D
Thanks for visiting this website.

Tony Effendi

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