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We are not responsible for inaccuracies in information contained in this web blog. Because the information we provide is derived from various sources that there may be some that are not accurate. However, we will try to present the information as accurate as possible.

This blog is dedicated to the public and the major themed attractions, culinary, art and culture Indonesia. All the articles that we publish is open to the public and can be read by anyone. created to help readers find out information about tours, culinary, art and culture Indonesia at the same time promoting it to the whole world. That the world may know beauty of tourism, distinctive culinary, art and cultural diversity of Indonesia. is the work and our copyright.

Every article we publish is original work typing our hands, and most of the article we quoted from the blog / website in order to provide as accurate information as possible to the reader. But we are not original Copy Paste categorically, if any article Copy Paste, maybe it's the article when we are still learning as a beginner in Bloging and even then only a few articles only. We will provide live links if any results copy and paste the article categorically. Originality is a priority for us,

If we find duplicate articles from blogs and concerned without providing a link back to us, then we will follow up these activities.

Content Policy:
Blog's content is protected by the DMCA Protection. We use the DMCA Protection to protect and monitor the duplication of the content on the blog

Picture policy:
Images on this blog we get from our old friend and some of our friends on Facebook, The picture is not entirely the work of ours, Some we took from the Internet with the help of, and images are not the result of our work or we get on the Internet with will help us give the words 'Photo by: ' or 'Image Credit ' If there is a picture or photo caption or the image name of the owner of the photo, as for that not it is from our friends and our own work, and we do not know exactly where the photos they get.

The image may be copyrighted yours, and you feel aggrieved if published in this blog, you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] and we will process selanjutannya, and if true then we will remove it from the Blog

For questions and suggestions can you send it to us via email address [email protected]

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